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POCO X6 Pro: Top Choice for Hardcore Gamers, with WildBoost Optimization 2.0 and a Chip with a Benchmark Score over 1.46 million

At the beginning of 2024, POCO surprised both its solid fans and avid mobile gamers with the launch of a groundbreaking gaming smartphone — the POCO X6 Pro. The POCO X6 Pro lives up to expectations by introducing the enhanced WildBoost Optimization 2.0 and a chipset with a benchmark score of over 1.46 million, delivering an explosive performance. What’s particularly noteworthy is its rumored price, speculated to be under $350 (approx. ₱19K direct conversion). This maintains POCO’s tradition of offering exceptional performance at an affordable cost, firmly solidifying its status as a flagship phone!

POCO X6 Pro Speedy performance quasi-flagship

In recent years, the performance of mobile chips has advanced rapidly, especially with MediaTek’s Dimensity chips making significant strides. POCO X6 Pro globally debuts with the Dimensity 8300-Ultra processor, the latest flagship chip from MediaTek in 2024.

Poco X6 Pro Quasi-flagship
Poco X6 Pro Quasi-flagship

Thanks to this TSMC 4nm processor, POCO X6 Pro has unseen speeds at this segment, an AnTuTu benchmark of over 1.46 million, which holds to be the highest AnTuTu score yet by any POCO device. In practical use, this processor performs exceptionally well, smoothly running large 3D games at full frame rates without breaking a sweat. The chip’s heat dissipation and power consumption exceed expectations, outperforming most other phones in the same price range.

POCO X6 Pro Antutu Score
POCO X6 Pro Antutu Score

The processor’s AI capabilities are crucial in the era of AI. This processor also has amazing AI capabilities as it shares the same structure as its twin brother, Dimensity 9300, which is great for photo processing and video editing, effortlessly handling various AI computations.

POCO X6 Pro WildBoost Optimization 2.0 Upgraded for Tailored Gaming

As a gamer, you undoubtedly want your phone to consistently deliver outstanding gaming performance. That’s why POCO X6 Pro introduces WildBoost Optimization 2.0: efficient performance scheduling is the key to ensuring stable and smooth gaming for extended periods, while hardware performance is fundamental.

To achieve this, POCO X6 Pro, through the WildBoost Optimization 2.0 technology, adjusts frame-by-frame power efficiency to prevent the CPU from continuously running at full load, reducing heating and the risk of throttling. For WildBoost Optimization 2.0, POCO also fine-tunes RAM frequency to help lower the overall power usage while maintaining great quality, avoiding sudden frame drops and stuttering issues. In summary, players can enjoy gaming without worrying about performance scheduling problems.

POCO X6 Pro Out-of-the-box with HyperOS for a Flagship Experience


System optimization is crucial for the overall user experience, and this time, POCO X6 Pro will feature it out-of-box. It will have a new look and a smoother system overall and have incorporated new algorithms to help users experience a seamless user experience. One of the most important features of Xiaomi HyperOS is that POCO has optimized prioritizing which task should get the most performance from the chipset and compressed the own OS size, allowing more storage to be available for users. With these optimizations in mind, Xiaomi HyperOS’s ultimate goal is to offer users a super smooth experience during daily usage.

POCO X6 Pro The Top Choice for Hardcore Gamers

With the POCO X6 Pro featuring the WildBoost Optimization 2.0 and a chip with a benchmark score of over 1.46 million, hardcore gamers no longer need to worry about the gaming experience. Its high-speed performance, custom-designed WildBoost Optimization 2.0, excellent camera capabilities, and all-around flagship experience make it the top choice for hardcore gamers.

More importantly, beyond a series of truly flagship-level configurations, it is rumored that the price of the POCO X6 Pro is less than $350! If this price comes true, the POCO X6 Pro will undoubtedly become the blockbuster of 2024!

Of course, that’s not all! Stay tuned for the launch event, where more exciting details will be revealed soon! There will be more fascinating details about POCO X6 Pro unveiled at the upcoming launch event! So, game lovers, get ready, lock in for POCO’s new product launch event at 20:00 Beijing Time, January 11, 2024,(8:00 PM Philippines local time), and prepare for an exciting feast of surprises about POCO X6 Pro!

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