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GadgetMaya.com shows official, estimated, and directly converted (based on PHP currency value at the time we posted the product) prices of smartphones in the Philippines. The pricing and estimates are not guaranteed and the actual cost may change once it is officially out in the local market. The status/availability of different devices may change and we try to update the information as soon as it is available in the Philippines. You can contact us via our Contact Us page for corrections and other helpful information.

We also do not guarantee that the specifications are 100% accurate. Most of the specs were collected from the official smartphone brand sites and some other trusted online sources. However, there is always the possibility of making mistakes by both parties during manual data entry or for any other reasons. For the latest and most accurate information, please visit the official website or verify all details with the respective manufacturer.

Ratings & Reviews
The ratings and reviews of individual products are generally based only on the specifications, knowledge, understanding, opinion, and experience of the writer. They are mostly based on the general understanding of the specifications, market trends, pricing, and user feedback. Ratings and reviews are there to give some general indications about the device and should not be the main basis for your decisions and impressions.

All blog posts are collected from public authentic sources and the company names, products, and brand names used in this website are for general information purposes only. All logos, product names, images, and brands are the property of their respective owners. We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy of the data.

Where to Buy
We have mentioned some shop names on our “Where to buy” page to help our visitors to know about popular local retail shops and online shops. However, we do not guarantee that the pricing posted on our site is always the same as the store/shop we posted. Links in our “Where to buy” may be affiliate links and we may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.